Families often asked me what they need to travel on their first trip abroad. I’ve learned a few things from our years of traveling with kids and I’m sharing them with you! Here’s a checklist to help get you started on your international journey. Check back often as I’ll made more to this list!

  • Food

            Have I packed my kid(s) favorite snacks?

            Are there any restaurants serving familiar foods (pizza, fries) near the hotel?

            Is there a grocery store nearby if I want to cook my own food?

  • Clothes

              Have I packed at least two extra outfits in case of accidents?

              Do we plan to go shopping and buy more clothes?

              Do I have diapers, wipes and other baby items?

              Will I need to do laundry while away? If so, have I packed  detergent?

  • Location/Lodging

            Do I need a hotel with a kitchen?

            Have I brought food that will need to be warmed?

            Is the front desk open 24 hours a day in case I need help?

Will my cellular phone work in this city or do I need a SIM card?

  • Health

            Have I packed all medications?

            Do I have Dramamine, cough drops, cough syrup and medicine for an upset stomach?

            Do I have a first aid kit?

Have we packed:

Sheets and pillowcases for the bedrooms?

Shower shoes for the shower?

Wet ones or hand sanitizer?

Where is the nearest hospital in case we have an emergency?

  • Transportation

            Where is the nearest subway to the hotel?

How much do taxis cost to and from this hotel to major attractions?

How are we getting from the airport? Have I confirmed the arrangements if required?

Have I packed electronics for the plane?

Have I checked out what movies will be on the plane during our flight?

Do I need cash for local transportation or can I use my credit card?

Are ride sharing services available in the city?

  • Security and documentation

How can we consolidate bags so we check as little as possible?

Have I registered with the Department of State STEP?

Have I copied our passports and left the copies with a family member?

Does a family member have a copy of the itinerary and confirmation numbers?

Have I notified my credit card and bank that I am traveling?

Have I determined the safe place to keep the passports?

  • Fun

Have I booked activities for each person to enjoy?

How long does each tour take?

Can I buy a “skip the line” pass?

Am I ready to have FUN?!?!?

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