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Hi there!!! I’m Angie, writer and owner behind Raising Nomads Travel. Raising Nomads is a blog, influence and travel agency with a focus on families. It has everything you need to get started on your vacation- and more!

We love to travel with our kids and we want you to come along on our journey or create one for your yourself. We have tips, pics, you name it, for telling you all about the world of family travel, including multigenerational travel. Why not bring the grandparents along? LOL

If you want us to do the work we tailor our vacations with services that make traveling easier for you and your mini me.

Roaming with Love….

The Honeymoon!

Raising Nomads Travel is a full service  company for destination weddings and honeymoons!!! We are committed to making your wedding experience a once in a lifetime dream!

Would you and your best pals like to go on a getaway…

Mexico? Brazil? Jamaica? Thailand? California?

We have deals for girls/guys trips for before the wedding or anytime!!!!