Flying Jetblue for the first time!

I really enjoyed the experience! Courteous staff and comfy seats- and they even give you good snacks! So, this is how it happened: I checked in online. Checked my bag curbside and headed to the gate with my little ones. JetBlue still allows peope traveling with little ones to board early, YAY! Stroller checked at the gate and then we got to experience the airline. I liked the in-flight entertainment. Several great channels. The monitors are still on the seat backs so my girls could watch their shows, if they wanted to- they didn’t. We were taking a flight from DC to Orlando, where we had a 2 hour layover. Our original fight was early in the morning so my 2 year old hadn’t had her breakfast- oatmeal. The flight attendant gave me hot water for the oatmeal but guess what? They didn’t have any utensils on the plane. No spoon to feed my little one! I thought I’d packed a spoon but couldn’t find it. The flight attendant gave me two straws to stir the oatmeal. We worked it out but my 2 year old only ate a few bites since she didn’t want her oatmeal without a spoon. I hope Jetblue adds utensils to more flights! Anyway, I thought it was a great experience and I recommend them when traveling with your little nomads.

Parent tip: Pack your own utensils if you have to feed your kiddo while traveling JetBlue.

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