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Five Reasons to Visit San Diego with Kids

By September 8, 2021No Comments

Southern California is beautiful, no doubt about it. There is so much to do and we did a lot of it. But, let me be honest here, we didn’t scratch the surface in San Diego. So, here’s our take on 5 places to visit in San Diego:

San Diego Zoo- The San Diego Zoo is known worldwide for its care of animals and the number of species there. Its a beautiful place! We went in June 2021, right after California reopened, so the zoo wasn’t crowded. Even with free parking, we were able to find a spot near the front entrance to the zoo. The adventure was all day and when we got tired we hopped on the red double decker bus that rides around the zoo dropping people off at different spots. We also took the Skyfari aerial tram which takes you from one side of the zoo to the other. Both are free experiences and were great to use for when children (and adults ) get weary. We all got to see our favorite animals and some of the biggest tortoises I have ever seen. Make your way to the San Diego Zoo! https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/


SeaWorld- Our girls love the water and they love aquariums. So, our time in San Diego had to include the famous SeaWorld. There’s more to SeaWorld than just the aquatics; we rode several rides and enjoyed some good shows. You can get discounted tickets online at discounters like Groupon. The highlight of our trip to SeaWorld was the little fish that eat debris off of your hand. It felt so weird! https://seaworld.com/san-diego/

Coronado Beach- Beaches are everywhere in San Diego, of course. We headed over to the famous Coronado Beach. One, because its famous, and two, because my nephew is in the Navy and lives over there.  It was June but you know the Pacific Ocean, cold as ever. The water was soooo icy. Still with ice cream shops and yummy food all around, you can’t go wrong at Coronado Beach. Be sure to leave the beach for a bit and visit the shops in the town. Parking is easy to find. https://www.coronado.ca.us/cms/one.aspx?portalId=746090&pageId=2852304

Children’s Pool La Jolla- We ventured out of the city a bit to beautiful La Jolla. The drive was awesome, with mountains and the beach running side by side under the sun. We went to La Jolla to check out the children’s pool.  It used to be a beach designated for children to swim but the water is way too choppy and the current too strong to swim, so seals have made that part of the beach their home. You can get very close to these cool vocal creatures! We also grabbed some delicious food while in LaJolla and checked out the local shops. https://www.sandiego.com/beaches/childrens-pool

Whale Watching- We’ve been wanting to go whale watching for some time. Well, we got the chance in San Diego. We used San Diego Whale Watch for a two hour trip out to sea. We didn’t see any whales but we saw lots of dolphins. There are snacks on board and medicine if you get sea sick, like I did! https://sdwhalewatch.com/

This is only a short short list of what you can do in San Diego. We’ll visit again soon and share many more awesome spots! Stay tuned.

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