I’ll say for myself that it can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet. Commercials for delicious donuts, juicy cheeseburgers and sweet ice cream flash on the screen every few seconds. But, at least at home I can control what I bring in the house and what the family will eat. Throw in traveling and well, keeping all that the healthy living going can be thrown into a tailspin.  Add in delays, plane food, or lack of options and you’ve got one heck of a messed up plan. Well maybe. Since we and YOU the community of raising nomads travel with our kids, you have to find ways to stay healthy while traveling with your kids. Because kids can be picky eaters, or they can’t eat everything available to adults, or are more prone to allergies, I’ve put together some tips to help you and your family keep your healthy eating habits while wandering the world together.

  1. Order small portion sizes for everything until you figure out if your kids like it. I like to expose my kids to different food when we travel but I also don’t like to waste food, which means there’s the temptation to eat what they’ve left on the plate. That is not a good idea if you’re watching your weight so… don’t do it.
  2. If you’re going to try a new food, or the food is served in large portions, buy it for yourself and share it with your child or if you have more than one child, buy an item and let them split it.
  3. Carry your own fruits, veggies or nuts. For me, bananas are perfect. I love them for one; but they are also clean and easy to dispose of. No messy juices, no messy hands from peeling, no utensils for cutting needed.  Even if you haven’t had a chance to wash your hands you can eat a banana since you’re not eating the peel. If you’re traveling internationally remember that you’ll likely have to discard all your fruits and veggies. Likewise, you can’t come back in the US with all the yummy fruits you’ve picked up abroad.
  4. If your kid only wants fast food, then go for it. You’ll be okay with having a few french fries. After all, you’re on vacation, right?

Check out the types of food served at your vacation spot. Is there a restaurant near or in your hotel that has a lot of healthy choices? Check out your food options before you go so you can plan to stay on track.

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