1. Fantasilandia

This place is great for kids. They have rides for the whole family. While it’s not the size of a Six Flags but better than a State Fair, there’s enough to do to enjoy an afternoon at the park. There’s a Kid Zone where your little ones can play and ride carousels, water rides and trains. Our girls had a ball. The park is open every day is summer but in off season its only open Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  We went on a Sunday afternoon in late March and the weather was perfect and the crowds manageable. Prices for littlest in your bunch is determined by height. Adults are $13.990 Chilean pesos.

Check it out! https://www.fantasilandia.cl/


2. Vina del mar

Most tours in Chile combine a tour to Valparaiso with a tour of Vina del Mar, a coastal town located not far from Santiago. Both are beautiful towns. But, you’re in Vina del Mar for the beach and the seafood.

The water is cold as the Antarctic stream goes up the coast. If you’re looking to swim and wade in the water with little kids, this is not the place. However, little ones are bound to enjoy the sand, the castles found near the water and the scenery. We booked our tour using http://www.viator.com


3. Andes

Our trip to the Andes was the highlight of our time in Santiago for me. You must go! We did a day trip to Cajon del Maipo and the El Yeso Reservoir. The mountains are majestic and the beautiful clear waters of the reservoir are majestic.

You’ll need a jacket, no matter what time you visit since the higher elevation is a lot cooler than the Santiago. It was about 25 degrees in the Andes when we visited. There is a small town on the way to the reservoir. You should stop there to get food and use the restroom. There’s no place for anything of that when you get in the mountains.

4. Wine tour

Chile is known for its spectacular wines so we couldn’t visit the country without taking a wine tour. Since Santiago was our base, we decided to visit a vineyard not too far from the city. The girls were mesmerized by the vineyards at Concha Y Toro. They loved tasting the grapes.

The winery offers tours all day, including several tours in English, if you don’t speak Spanish.  They winery gives you a free wine glass during the tour and they even gave glasses (with no alcohol, of course) to our two girls! https://www.conchaytoro.com/?lang=es_es

5. Cultural shows and neighborhoods

One of the places I hope to visit in Chile one day is Easter Island. We didn’t get to visit the island but we had a good taste of traditional Chilean culture by attending a cultural show. Dancers in traditional garb performed while we feasted on Chilean dishes.

We also spent a day antique shopping in Providencia and enjoying lunch in Bellavista. There are graffiti tours and bike tours through many of the neighborhoods.  We booked out cultural show and bike tour on http://www.viator.com. The bike riding was so much fun and the company we used,La Bicicleta Verde, had car seats for the girls so they could ride on the back of the bike instead of being pulled behind the bike. An absolute plus when biking with kids.

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