There is no shortage of things to do in Italy. There is also no shortage of blogs, articles and posts about things to do in Italy with kids. Do you really need anyone to give you reasons to visit Italy with kids? Well, Raising Nomads Travel has even more!!!! This summer we visited Milan and Rome. Check out our five reasons to visit Italy with kids.

  • The beach- Going to the beach may not be the first thing you think of when you think of going to Italy, outside of thinking about the Amalfi Coast and few other places. But, did you know that you can do a day trip to the beach from Rome? We went to Santa Marinella, a small town about an hour outside of Rome. You can easily get there by taking the Trenitalia train from Rome Termini.  Look for a post soon with all the details on how to enjoy the beach when you’re visiting Rome.
  • Vatican and historical sites- I don’t need to say much about this! Italy is full of historical sites, from the Duomo in Milan to the churches of Venice and the many ruins in Rome. Let your kids take in a bit of history. They won’t understand it all but my girls loved seeing ruins. A visit to the Vatican is a must but pack your patience- and a fan.
  • Pizza- What kids doesn’t love pizza? Mine sure do! When you get to Italy, take a pizza class. Its fun and you and the kids will feel so accomplished. Plus, you get to eat your product! We did our class at Restaurant Pasquino: 1 Piazza di Pasquino, Roma, Lazio, 00186, Italy.
  • The Zoo- If you follow us, you know we love the zoo and aquariums. While we didn’t visit an aquarium in Italy, we did find out way over to the zoo in Rome, Bioparco di Roma. The zoo is not huge but it’s a lot of fun and has a neat children’s zoo area for kids to pet a few domestic creatures. The zoo is open every day except Christmas adults are 16 euros and kids are 13 euros. Check them out.
  • Day trip to Pompeii- My girls love all things natural disasters so they got a kick out of visit Pompeii and hiking Mt. Vesuvius. Pompeii is about a 4 hour bus ride from Rome and I recommend you go as a part of a tour instead of trying to make the drive and get tickets on your own. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Day Trip to Lake Como- Do you know how hard it is to stick to five reasons to visit Italy?!!??! There are so many exciting things to do in the boot shaped country. So, here is a 6th reason to go with your kids: a day trip to Lake Como. If you need a few hours away from Milan, hop a train and go to Lake Como. It is beautiful, serene and the food is good. Take a boat ride around the lake. Your kids will get a kick out of that. Oh, and you get to be ever so stylish!  

There are more reasons to visit Italy than I can put in the list so I’ll stop here! You can check out the different parks in both Milan and Rome. In Milan, the girls enjoyed running on the grounds of the Sforza Castle but ran through local playgrounds in Rome.

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