******Let’s get out of the way everything we all know: Many states are relaxing restrictions and countries are reopening their borders, summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere and some people want to take their vacations.  Ok, so what we can we safely do and what are your concerns about travel with children during this time of uncertainty?******

AIR TRAVEL: You will not encounter the crowds of summers pasts if you do air travel as current air travel is down 92 percent from this time last year in 2019 according to CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/19/coronavirus-travel-southwest-shares-climb-on-signs-of-improving-demand.html.  Many people are too nervous or it’s not financially feasible at the moment.  Airlines are taking precautions to keep people safe but the type of precaution could change at any moment. I recommend if you do air travel that you travel wearing a mask and anyone over 2 should do so. Try to travel early in the morning because there are likely fewer travelers on a morning flight and the flight is less likely to be delayed. Also fly nonstop if possible to minimize exposure. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-tips/early-morning-best-time-to-fly Bring your own food. Wear gloves if you can. Little ones, like my 5 year old, like to touch on everything, so keep lots of hand sanitizer or Wet Ones handy for wiping their hands if the bathroom is not available.  Of course, have your own wipes for sanitizing everything on the plane.

ROAD TRIP: Others are traveling by car. That’s going to be a popular option this year. Check ahead to make sure your destination is open and what services are closed.  I recommend you pack as much of your own food as possible to minimize stops along the way. Rest rooms are going to be necessary and I know many parents fear finding an open dining restaurant and then taking in your little one to use the restroom. I suggest using a Playtex Potty Genie Disposable travel potty. You can stop in a safe place and let your kid use the restroom.

Research urgent care in your destination in advance. Hospitals may or may not be overwhelmed with COVID patients. You’ll want to be prepared if your child gets sick and needs medical attention.

Find alternatives to the popular destinations you would go to. If you’re concerned about the crowds in New York City, try visiting upstate New York. Beaches are going to be crowded but there is usually a small beach not too far from the more popular spots that you’ll want to check out.  According to CNBC, national parks are likely are to be this summer’s go to vacation spot.https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/23/national-parks-could-be-summers-go-to-vacation-spots.html . Keep in mind there are 62 national parks, but more than 400 places that fall under the national park system, so let’s not all rush to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon!

TRAIN TRAVEL: If you’re traveling by train take all the precautions you would when traveling by plane.

If you’re not planning to get out of your city or too far from home, you may not have to do much more than you’re doing already. Consider getting a hotel room for a couple nights for a staycation and visit more of the open spaces and parks in your city where social distancing might be more possible.

As information around COVID 19 is constantly evolving, keep checking our blog or Facebook page for more tips. Happy Safe Travels

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