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5 Reasons to Visit Atlanta, Georgia with Kids!

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There is no shortage of things to do in Atlanta, Georgia! From great food to history to movies, there is something for everyone in the ATL. So, it was tough to pick just 5 things to do in the area because we visit the Atlanta area a lot, but I did! Here you go!

  1.  The Martin Luther King Jr Center-  If you want to know about the civil rights movement in America, you would be hard pressed to find a place that tells of that journey better than the King Center. Near Ebenezer Church and centrally located in Atlanta, the King Center tells the story of the great Martin Luther King Jr, Coretta Scott King and the many, many others, who fought for equal rights in the United States.  There are other places in Atlanta to grab some history, but this place is a start! https://thekingcenter.org/ 
  2. Atlanta is known as the Hollywood of the South. For years, studios have been making movies here and it’s only increased. Would I like a bit part in a movie? Yes, but for now I’ll settle with visiting the sites of where movies were filmed. There are studios here but non offer tours. In Senoia, 30 minutes outside Atlanta, you can see where The Walking Dead is filmed and a where  lot of other horror and dramatic flicks were shot.https://www.senoia.com/
  3. No trip to Atlanta with kids is complete without a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Until 2012, it was the largest aquarium in the world! Now, it’s just the biggest in the western hemisphere. LOL! There are sharks; so many sharks here. There are lots of opportunities for kids to smell, touch, see, hear (but not taste), the animals of the sea. Face painting and interactive exhibits make for a day of fun. https://www.georgiaaquarium.org/
  4. Wanna get out of the city and for the day? Take a trip to Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia, 75 miles outside of Atlanta. At the park you can drive your own vehicle or rent a van and drive through 3.5-miles feeding and experiencing hundreds of animals. Many animals came right up to our van for food or to look through the window. I don’t advise taking your own car because its bound to get scratched by the animals. There are camels, zebras, bison, elk, water buffalo, giraffes, and more. My kiddos loved it! https://animalsafari.com/Georgia/
  5. I had to really think about number 5.  There is so much more I could put here. There’s Centennial Olympic Park,  the Atlanta Zoo, the CNN building and the Atlanta Children’s Museum. They are all fun for kids. The park has room to run, a water sprinkler for play and a ferris wheel. The zoo has a petting zoo area, a carousel and some of the most active zoo animals I have ever seen. The CNN building lets you see shows being taped and kids can get behind a news desk for a quick read. It’s temporarily closed to tours because of COVID, but go when it reopens. And well, the Atlanta Children’s Museum is all about the kiddos. So, number 5 is ALL of THEM! Check them out: https://www.gwcca.org/centennial-olympic-park  ; https://zooatlanta.org/; https://center.cnn.com/; https://childrensmuseumatlanta.org/

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